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Vijayawada is the second largest city in Andhra Pradesh after Visakhapatnam. The city municipal limits has a population of 1,048,240 (2011 Census), while the population of the metropolitan area is 1,491,202.The city is also popularly known by its historic name Bezawada, which is used by the Indian Railways in assigning its railway station code "BZA".

Vijayawada translates to mean "place of victory". The chief rivers of the division are the Krishna (length 1,280 km), Muniyeru (Muneru), and Budameru. Krishna river debouches in to the Bay of Bengal at Hamsala Divi and Nachugunta in Krishna District.The Bus complex (PNBS - Pandit Nehru Bus Station) at Vijayawada is one of the biggest Bus station in Asia. The Railway station at Vijayawada is the 2nd Busiest Junction in India. More than 200 trains operate from this railway station.

Airport is located at Gannavaram which is 16 km north east of Vijayawada connecting the city to Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Rajahmundry Four national highways pass through the district

  • NH-5 Chennai to Kolkata
  • NH-9 Pune to Machilipatnam
  • NH-221 Vijayawada to Jagdalpur
  • NH-214 Kathipudi to Ongole

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